7 Reasons to Choose Harvey & Battey to Handle Your Closing


ONE: An attorney will review the real estate purchase and sale contract with you free of charge, even if you decide not to sign the contract or ultimately select another attorney to handle your closing.

TWO: We charge a fixed attorney's fee and title examination fee to clients purchasing Beaufort County or Jasper County residential real property.

THREE: Because of the volume of business we refer to surveyors and inspectors, we are able to order a survey and inspection of the property for you from licensed and professional providers on a "preferred customer" discount basis. The savings is passed on to you.

FOUR: We employ our own title abstractor and do not rely upon an outside company to search the title of the property you are buying. That way, no matter how complicated the title search, you are assured that the amount charged for the attorney's fee and title examination will not exceed the fixed fee.

FIVE: We have been closing real estate deals in Beaufort County and Jasper County since 1922. Real estate law, like other aspects of the law, is becoming more complex, and it is important for a closing attorney to have a thorough familiarity with the current legal trends and the local customs.

SIX: We will not charge you an attorney's fee if your contract fails to close by reason of the other parties' failure to perform their contractual duties, or if you fail to qualify for purchase money financing.

SEVEN: A real estate attorney (not a paralegal) attends all closings at Harvey & Battey, and takes the time to explain the closing documents to you and to answer all of your questions.

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