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Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for Your Case

Not all legal disputes require a judge or courtroom. In fact, a majority of cases are settled with mediation services. At Harvey and Battey, you can explore mediation as an alternative dispute resolution through our team of experienced, certified mediation attorneys. Mediation is often easier for the parties involved, but that does not mean it’s right for everyone. Learn more about our mediation services in Beaufort, South Carolina below. 


Mediation is an alternative to litigating disputes. It is a voluntary process in which parties meet with an impartial person (the mediator) to attempt to resolve disputes outside of a courtroom. Mediators are not judges and do not decide who wins or loses. Instead, mediators facilitate a settlement between the parties.

Mediation lawyers are trained to help those involved settle the dispute while remaining impartial to both parties. Although mediators are an important part of the mediation process, the parties make all decisions and control the outcome of mediation.


Mediation is not limited to certain disputes. Mediation services can be used for business matters, family or divorce issues, money disputes, neighborhood disputes, and many other types of conflict. With that in mind, here are some specific reasons that we often recommend mediation services to handle disputes.

  • Confidentiality

Discussions in mediation are confidential. Instead of having a public hearing in which parties testify, mediation allows for the exchange of information in a private setting.

  • Control

In the usual litigation setting, parties are not in control. Instead, the judge or a jury decides how a case is resolved. Parties participating in mediation are in control of the process. They decide how, whether, and when to resolve their differences. Further, mediation is often a less expensive, more efficient way to end disputes.

  • Creativity

When matters go to court, the court is limited in the relief it may grant. Typically, one party wins and the other loses. And, the court is limited in what matters it decides. By contrast, mediation allows parties to address matters outside those before the court. Further, parties can craft agreements allowing both parties to “win.”

  • Efficiency and Cost

Participating in mediation often allows parties to resolve their dispute in a much faster, less expensive manner than continuing to fight each other in court. Because mediation has the ability to allow a more efficient resolution, this often gives participants a better opportunity for maintaining or repairing relationships following dispute resolution.


Our team of mediation attorneys include Ashley Amundson, Thomas Davis, and Thomas Holloway.  Attorney Ashley Amundson is certified as a Circuit Court mediator and focuses her mediation practice on probate-related matters. She is ready to help you resolve disputes concerning wills, trusts, estates, guardianships, and conservatorships. 

Senator Thomas Davis is our senior member of Harvey and Battey’s real-estate department and is ready to provide mediation services for those experiencing real-estate-related conflict. Attorney Thomas Holloway has experience handling a multitude of complex civil matters and provides mediation services for many civil disputes.

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Q: How does mediation work in South Carolina?

A: Mediation in South Carolina must abide by rules set forth by the South Carolina Supreme Court. Mediation services typically begin with these rules being explained by the mediator. Once the rules have been explained and agreed upon, the mediator helps the parties involved openly communicate about the dispute and come to an agreed upon resolution. 

Q: Is mediation mandatory in South Carolina?

A: Mediation is not required in SC, but it may be easier than a public trial for those involved in certain cases. If you’re interested in learning more about mediation services as an option for your case, contact our team of experienced mediation attorneys.

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At Harvey and Battey, you can explore mediation as an alternative dispute resolution through our team of experienced, certified mediation attorneys. Learn more about our mediation services in Beaufort, South Carolina by contacting us today to discuss your specific circumstances. 

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