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Personal Injury Lawyers in Beaufort, SC

Personal Injury

If you have been injured by another party, that person’s insurance company may lull you into a sense that you are being taken care of. However, that is rarely the case. Insurance companies want to pay you as little as possible — or to avoid paying you anything at all. We offer a free initial consultation to explain your rights if you have been injured due to the negligence of someone else.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Beaufort, SC

Auto Accidents

Car and truck accidents can involve complex legal and insurance issues. Disputes frequently arise over liability; serious injuries can disrupt your life for a long time. Our lawyers will handle the legal and insurance issues of your case so you can concentrate on recovering your health.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Beaufort, SC

Family Law

Family Law matters, whether they involve matrimonial law, domestic relations, disputes and/or abuse, disrupt the everyday life of ordinary people, like you.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Beaufort, SC

Real Estate

Buying and/or selling real property in today’s world is a complicated process and requires an extensive and thorough knowledge of both contract and real estate law. Attorneys Tom Davis, Kevin Dukes and David Tedder, as well as our full-time real estate paralegals, make up Harvey & Battey’s Real Estate Department.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Beaufort, SC

Condemnation & Eminent Domain

Our firm has an extensive network of engineers, appraisers and professionals that help us to protect clients’ rights and to recover amounts to which the landowner is legally entitled in condemnation and eminent domain cases – true “just compensation.”

Personal Injury Lawyers in Beaufort, SC

Business Law

When starting your business you must select among various types of entities, such as: C Corporations and S Corporations, Limited Liability Companies(“LLC’s”), General and Limited Partnerships, Sole Proprietorships, and Joint Ventures. Each format has unique legal and tax aspects that must be analyzed to fit your particular requirements. Harvey & Battey can advise you on the best choice and form the entity.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Beaufort, SC

Estate Planning & Probate Services

Our goal is for you to encounter your trying and often emotional periods with the peace of mind that can only come from proper preparation. Harvey & Battey offers you a full range of estate planning and estate settlement services.

mediation services at harvey and battey beaufort sc

Mediation Services

Not all legal disputes require a judge or courtroom. In fact, a majority of cases are settled with mediation services. At Harvey and Battey, you can explore mediation as an alternative dispute resolution through our team of experienced, certified mediators.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Beaufort, SC


Our Litigation Team members carry out the firm’s litigation and appellate practices at all levels of Municipal, State and Federal court systems.

criminal lawyers beaufort sc harvey and battey

Criminal Law

At Harvey & Battey, P.A., we understand the complexities and challenges individuals face when confronted by the government with criminal charges. With unwavering dedication, our practice is committed to providing unparalleled legal representation in criminal matters.