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Condemnation and Eminent Domain


As a business or individual, you face great risk when a government agency seizes your real estate for public purposes. Both the federal and state constitutions provide that landownership is one of your most basic and important rights. They also provide that you are entitled to be paid “just compensation” when the government takes your land. However, the government agency that takes your land is not required to protect your interests.

If your property is condemned in an eminent domain proceeding, “just compensation” should be the fair market value of your property. The initial amount offered by the government for the property is often well below its actual fair market value – and is seldom “just compensation.” Also, there may be damage to the remainder of your property, compensation for which is rarely part of the government’s initial offer.

Harvey & Battey has extensive experience in court and with negotiated settlements for the recovery of all losses that occur when the government or a utility company takes all or a portion of your land. Our firm has an extensive network of engineers, appraisers and professionals that help us to protect clients’ rights and to recover amounts to which the landowner is legally entitled – true “just compensation.”

Attorneys fees are usually only charged on the amount in excess of the government’s initial offer. In some instances, attorneys fees and costs of litigation may be recovered from the government or utility company. The firm’s attorneys have extensive experience in the area of condemnations and a proven track record of results. Contact us for a no-cost consultation to learn your rights.


Q: The state or local government wants to take a part of my land for widening the highway. What are my rights?

A: You have a right to receive just compensation for the taking of your land. Compensation may include the value of the land taken and any damages to the remaining land. Damages to the remainder are I many forms so call for an appointment to discuss your matter.

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