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Few people enter a marriage planning for a divorce or death. However, high divorce rates and complicated family structures are causing more and more individuals to turn to prenuptial agreements to define expectations and protect themselves from family law issues.

At Harvey & Battey, P.A., our family law attorneys counsel clients regarding prenuptial and cohabitation agreements, as well as draft and review individual contracts. Since 1922, we have been committed to helping individuals in Beaufort, South Carolina, and the surrounding areas protect themselves.


People sign prenuptial agreements for various reasons. Some do so to protect assets. If one person enters a marriage with substantial financial or property interests, that individual may wish to protect those assets in the event of a divorce. A prenuptial agreement can serve as a blueprint for marital property division if the spouses later decide to end their marriage.

In some instances, a prenuptial agreement is used to protect certain assets for children from a previous marriage. A prenuptial contract can specify who is to receive what belongings and property in the event of death, decreasing the chances for misunderstandings down the road.

While people enter into prenuptial agreements for different reasons, one thing is clear: This type of contract clarifies each individual’s expectations and sheds light on any misunderstandings prior to the marriage.


You may want to consider a prenuptial agreement in South Carolina if you:

  • Have assets, such as a home, stock or retirement funds
  • Own a business
  • Anticipate receiving an inheritance
  • Have children from a previous marriage
  • Have significantly more wealth or property than your soon-to-be spouse

Our family law attorneys welcome the opportunity to answer any questions you have about prenuptial agreements during an initial consultation. You can schedule your initial consultation with our trusted team at Harvey and Battey today.

Common Questions Related to Prenups in South Carolina

Q: What are the requirements for prenups in South Carolina?

A: There are many requirements for prenups in SC, however, there are 3 that are critical. You can discover more details by reading more about what you should know about prenuptial agreements in South Carolina here.

Q: Can cheating void a prenup?

A: Cheating does not automatically void a prenup, unless the parties choose to include such a provision. You can speak with our team of trusted lawyers to learn more about prenups and your specific case by scheduling an initial consultation.

Q: What is a sunset clause in a prenuptial agreement?

A: A sunset clause defines the time or stipulation at which the terms of the prenuptial agreement expire. For example, it might state that the prenup will expire after the couple has been married for 25 years. Typically, prenups do not expire unless there is a sunset clause in them.